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Transforming Coal Waste

CFOAM® Carbon Foam

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CFOAM® is a registered trademark that describes a wide range of next generation carbon products. CFOAM® carbon foam is designed to meet growing demand for ultra-high performance engineering materials in the military, industrial, aerospace, and commercial product markets.

CFOAM20 (20 lbs/cubic ft.), CFOAM25 (25 lbs/cubic ft.), and CFOAM30 (30 lbs/cubic ft.) are CFOAM LLC’s three largest selling carbon foam products. CFOAM20, CFOAM25, and CFOAM30 are non-combustible coal-based carbon foams, all of which exhibit excellent mechanical and thermal properties. CFOAM® carbon foam has proved to be an excellent engineering material for many high end applications including aerospace tooling, fireproof wall core material, energy absorbing structures, blast protection systems, exhaust systems, and hot structures. CFOAM® carbon foam can also be tailored for use in thermal protection systems and as structural panels for EMI shielding and RADAR-absorbing applications. Please review the Applications section for detailed descriptions of CFOAM® carbon foam applications.

CFOAM® carbon foam products are enabling technologies for a host of next-generation material systems and components. CFOAM® carbon foam can replace conventional materials in existing systems to increase product life cycle and to provide enhanced product performance properties.

Product Forms

  • Custom billet sizes are available upon request.
  • Utilizing this one of a kind production unit, CFOAM LLC can provide thin sheets of CFOAM® for wall or panel applications.
  • CFOAM® carbon foam billet sizes have been optimized for ease of handling by a single operator.
  • Blocks can be laid up and supplied to custom dimensions.


CFOAM® carbon foam is available in substantial quantities in a variety of densities, form factors, and with material properties tailored to meet unique customer requirements.

CFOAM® carbon foam is available to support customer demand from CFOAM LLC’s 43,000 square foot production facility located in West Virginia, about one hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, PA.

Finishing Alternatives


Conventional machining practices can be employed to produce intricate shapes and tight tolerances using carbide tooling and appropriate dust handling systems.

CFOAM LLC’s technical staff has significant experience in the cutting and machining of carbon foam articles and is available to answer any questions or provide tooling/feed suggestions. These requests can be submitted through our Contact page.

Joining & Facing

CFOAM LLC’s carbon foam articles can be attached to one another by readily available adhesives. This allows fabrication of large or complex tooling structures from smaller building blocks.

The intended product use may require adhesives optimized for high and low use temperatures, low thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, and other important properties. Touchstone engineers will work with you to select the appropriate adhesive and coating material for your application.

Other finishing options include almost any composite lamination, such as fiberglass/polyester, carbon-fiber/epoxy, Kevlar® /epoxy, etc., impregnation with phenolic resin, lamination with fiberglass, reinforced vinyl ester facesheets, and deposition of inconel and aluminum coatings. Other finishing and attachment operations are possible and will be pursued as applications or interest warrant.