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Carbon Foam Antenna Applications

CFOAM® Carbon Foam has been shown to be especially well suited for advanced radar antenna construction, due to its highly desirable combination of tailorable physical and electrical properties.

Advanced radar systems such as Advanced Electronically Scanned Aperture (AESA) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) take advantage of the long-range propagation characteristics of radar signals and the complex information processing capability of modern digital electronics to provide high-resolution imagery. A limiting factor in the performance of these systems is the size, dimensional stability, and electrical characteristics of their antennae.

CFOAM® carbon foam is low cost, lightweight, and exhibits good spatial stability over temperature and under vibration.

CFOAM® carbon foam can also be manufactured so that it has the desired electrical resistance, dielectric constant, and radar reflection coefficient. CFOAM® carbon foam can be produced in any variety of near-net-shape design configurations and machined to the exact required physical dimensions for the antenna assembly. A flame-sprayed metal backing can be added to facilitate the use of fasteners.

CFOAM® is a registered trademark of CFOAM LLC.