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CEASE Blast™ & CFOAM® Armor

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Composite Energy Absorbing Structure

Simulated IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Test

CFOAM® carbon foam is a very attractive material for lightweight armor systems. Advanced armor solutions will ultimately be composed of multiple layers of multiple materials, including CFOAM® carbon foam or CEASE Blast™ panels.

CFOAM® carbon foam is attractive because of its low weight, high stiffness, high shear strength, and very high compressive strength that is maintained until the foam is completely displaced.

This phenomenon translates into a material that has the capability to absorb incident impact energy due to the crushing of individual carbon foam cells.

In addition to absorbing blast energy, CFOAM® carbon foam is ideal for use as a backing for advanced ceramic armor to provide multiple hit capability, as a core material for spaced-armor designs, or as a core material in a high-stiffness armor backing sandwich structure, all of which lead to increased armor performance and minimal weight to protect against a broad range of threats.

CEASE Blast Armor

CFOAM® carbon foam has been designed into a Composite Energy Absorbing StructurE called CEASE Blast™, which is an armor product specifically designed to mitigate the effects from a blast.

CEASE Blast™ panels are ideally suited for protecting tactical vehicles, airplanes, ships, critical infrastructure, buildings, and missile magazines from severe blast threats.

Blast mitigation through energy absorption is a unique property of CEASE Blast™ panels and is critical in high-risk scenarios to protect against terrorist attacks, IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attacks, industrial accidents, or the sympathetic detonation of munitions.

Why CEASE Blast™ Panels Work

CEASE Blast™ panels work for blast mitigation by taking advantage of the tremendous compressive strength of CFOAM® carbon foam to absorb the blast energy through designed material crushing. This phenomenon is accomplished through a proprietary engineered combination of CFOAM® carbon foam and toughened polymers. CEASE Blast™ panels can be easily combined with traditional armor materials such as metals, ceramics, and composites in order to complete a “systems” armor design for a very broad range of threats.

CEASE Blast Armor

CEASE Blast™ panels have been tested under a variety of blast conditions as demonstrated in the list below by government agencies and prime contractors. Because CEASE Blast™ panels absorb blast energy, they continue to be ranked higher than and outperform other blast mitigation materials based on survivability criteria. Initial shaped charge testing has been performed with CFOAM® carbon foam and CEASE Blast™ panels that has resulted in very promising, lightweight solutions.

Tests Completed

  • 2.5 lb C4 at 3″
  • 2.5 lb C4 at 6″
  • 2.5 lb C4 at 12″
  • 5.0 lb C4 at 9″
  • 20 lb C4 at 10′
  • Others


CEASE Blast™ panels are available in sizes and geometries that are customized to each individual application and requirement. CFOAM LLC can engineer and deliver advanced energy absorbing armor solutions for a broad range of applications, as well as test and validate armor solutions for your materials at our remote blast & EFP test range.

For more detailed information on CFOAM® armor applications and CEASE Blast™ energy absorption data, please contact CFOAM LLC so that we can solve your advanced armor and blast mitigation problems.