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CFOAM® Carbon Foam Fuel Cell Applications

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Fuel cell utilizing CFOAM® carbon foam bipolar plates.

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells are being developed and tested for transportation, stationary, and portable applications. Most major automotive manufacturers are developing fuel cell concept vehicles, and there is a wide range of other applications under development that could result in powering ships at sea and outposts in space, in addition to household appliances and power plants.

One of the major challenges in PEM fuel cell development is the need for materials/coatings for low cost bipolar plates. The bipolar plate is a major component of the fuel stack cell and plays a critical role in performance, durability, and cost. In comparison with current bipolar plate technology, those manufactured with CFOAM® carbon foam are low-cost and durable in the fuel cell environment (i.e., under acidic, oxidizing, and reducing conditions) and are suitable for high-volume manufacturing processes.

Shown here is a proof-of-concept working model of a fuel cell using CFOAM® carbon foam electrodes.