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Carbon Foam Rocket Nozzle Applications

CFOAM® is low cost, lightweight, strong, and has thermal properties well suited to extreme conditions.

CFOAM® carbon foam rocket nozzle design. CFOAM® carbon foam rocket nozzle. Solid rocket motors generate their thrust by burning a solid propellant to generate hot gases, which are exhausted through a converging-diverging nozzle.

Current nozzles are often made from a variety of metal alloys, carbon-carbon or carbon phenolic composites, which are able to withstand high temperature and pressure environments, but are heavy and expensive.

Because of its unique combination of mechanical and thermal properties, CFOAM offers the potential for significant improvements in solid motor nozzle technology.

Simple nozzles can be produced as near-net-shapes and machine finished. CSTONE also offers opportunities for “smart nozzles”, whose designs incorporate a thrust vectoring capability.

Additionally, the low mass of CFOAM® carbon foam presents advantages in pintle and valving operations when combined with current liner and coating technology.

CFOAM® is a registered trademark of CFOAM LLC.