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Carbon Foam EMI Shielding

CFOAM® carbon foam can be used as a core to build fireproof EMI sheltered composite structures with superior lightning protection.

CFOAM® carbon foam is under development for numerous EMI shielding applications including ships, tactical shelters, fixed site shelters, and other electronic enclosures. CFOAM® carbon foam can be easily joined together with electrically conductive adhesives to form a non-metallic “Faraday cage” enclosure. CFOAM® carbon foam enclosures can be tailored to provide greater than 60 dB of RF shielding from 100MHz to 20 GHz with no metallic components. The advantage of using CFOAM® carbon foam in an electronic enclosure is that it serves as a multifunctional material by providing both EMI shielding and structure as a composite core material for the enclosure. Multifunctional CFOAM® carbon foam electronic enclosures will provide fire protection, reduce weight by eliminating metallic components, eliminate corrosion issues, and provide longer service life in harsh environments.

CFOAM® is a registered trademark of CFOAM LLC.