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CFOAM® Carbon Foam Joiner Panel Applications

There has not been a single best material for all of these applications than CFOAM® Carbon Foam.

Many CFOAM® carbon foam joiner panels have been designed and built. Currently, there are many sources of core materials that are used in applications like aircraft and ship interior panels and non-structural bulkheads, structural insulation or sound absorption panels, and radar or electromagnetic shielding/absorption panels for ship topside structures.

While there are many materials that may offer one or two particular properties that exceed any other material for these applications, until recently there has not been a single best material for all of these applications.

For example, polymer foams, honeycombs (polymer, paper, or metal), or balsa wood exhibit excellent specific strength (high ratio of strength to density). However, if the application is to be fire or chemically resistant, then only metal honeycombs might be selected.

CFOAM® carbon foams have shown promise in replacing existing core materials where stringent fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) regulations are not met with other materials. Additionally, defense related applications that combine excellent fire properties with those of low weight and radar/electromagnetic shielding and absorption in one low cost material system have gained increased attention in recent years.

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