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Carbon Foam Videos

Joining CFOAM® Carbon Foam Panels into Billets

Shows carbon foam panels being joined into billets. A trowel is used to apply the high-strength adhesive. This demonstration video shows smaller blocks, however, larger panels are used to make much larger tooling.

Machining CFOAM® Carbon Foam for Aerospace Composite Tooling

Three examples of machining carbon foam cores. These carbon foam cores were later finished into aerospace composite tools.

Cutting Carbon Foam for a Composite Tooling Core

Cutting CFOAM® carbon foam using a standard table saw with a vacuum pickup and an abrasive blade.

Naturally Fire Resistant CFOAM® Carbon Foam

CFOAM® carbon foam is a naturally fire resistant product that passes ISO 1182 for non-combustibility. When CFOAM® carbon foam is made, it is processed at very high temperatures, driving off all the volatiles, leaving behind a non-combustible form of carbon. Watch how a torch won’t even light CFOAM® carbon foam. Fire-resistant panels, fire-breaks, ship bulkheads are just some of the applications.

Electrically Heated Composite Tooling

CFOAM® carbon foam self-heating tooling. Electricity is passed through the carbon foam core, uniformly heating the composite tool.

ISO 1182 Test for

The ISO 1182 test for non-combustibility is considered one of the most rigorous tests for material for undergoing fire qualification testing. CFOAM® carbon foam passed all criteria for this test.

ASTM E1886 Test of CFOAM® Carbon Foam Composite for Impact/Missile Projection

ASTM E1886 is the standard test method for performance of exterior windows, curtain walls, doors, and impact protective systems impacted by missile(s) and exposed to cyclic pressure differentials. In layman’s terms, it evaluates how well you are protected from flying 2×4’s in a tornado or hurricane. A composite panel with a CFOAM® carbon foam core passed this test, which was conducted at the National Homebuilder Research Center.






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