CFOAM® Carbon Foam from Carbon Innovations, LLC.

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CFOAM Limited Completes Acquisition of Touchstone Research Laboratory  Carbon Foam Manufacturing Assets and Intellectual Property

PERTH, WA – CFOAM LIMITED (ASX:CFO) is pleased to announce that through its US subsidiary, Carbon Innovations, LLC, it has acquired all manufacturing assets, intellectual property (inclusive of patents, trademarks and intellectual property), inventory and infrastructure related to the manufacturer of carbon foam “CFOAM” from Touchstone Research Laboratory effective 21 October 2016.

Carbon Innovations intends to commercialize, scale up and expand the manufacturing and sales of CFOAM production.  Key to the Company’s commercialization and expansion is its management depth, manufacturing and marketing expertise.

CFOAM manufacturing and sales will operate from the following address:

Carbon Innovations, LLC
1142 Middle Creek Road
Triadelphia, WV 26059-1139

Please direct all sales and product enquiries to: or

We look forward to working with you on an on-going basis.




CFOAM® is a registered trademark of Carbon Innovations, LLC.
CFOAM® products may be covered under the following patents with more patents pending:
6,656,238 – 6,656,239 – 6,689,470 – 6,749,652 – 6,814,765 – 6,833,011 – 6,833,012 –
6,849,098 – 6,860,910 – 6,861,151 – 6,869,455 – 6,899,970 – 7,192,537 – 7,247,368

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