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CFOAM® is a registered trademark that describes a wide range of next generation carbon products. CFOAM® carbon foam is designed to meet growing demand for ultra-high performance engineering materials in the military, industrial, aerospace, and commercial product markets.

CFOAM20 (20 lbs/cubic ft.) and CFOAM30 (30 lbs/cubic ft.) are Touchstone's two largest selling carbon foam products. CFOAM20 and CFOAM25 are non-combustible coal-based carbon foams, both of which exhibit excellent mechanical and thermal properties. CFOAM has proved to be an excellent engineering material for many high end applications including aerospace tooling, fireproof wall core material, energy absorbing structures, blast protection systems, thermal protection systems, exhaust systems, hot structures, and structural panels for EMI shielding and radar absorption applications. Please review the Applications section for detailed descriptions of CFOAM carbon foam applications.

CSTONE™ is the newest addition to Touchstone's suite of advanced carbon products, and was honored with the prestigious R&D 100 award in 2007. CSTONE™ is an extremely hard, high strength, high density carbon (95 lbs/cubic ft.). The micro-porous carbon structure of CSTONE™ gives it a slate-like appearance. CSTONE™ can be customized to either a smooth or coarse surface finish to meet the application requirements. CSTONE™ has the potential to be used as an engineering material for rocket nozzles, high temperature/high impact surface material for vertical take-off and landing pads, furnace floors or other industrial application requiring excellent high temperature performance and chemical resistance.

CFOAM® carbon foam and CSTONE™ are enabling technologies for a host of next-generation material systems and components. CFOAM and CSTONE can replace conventional materials in existing systems to increase product life cycle and to provide enhanced product performance properties.


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CFOAM® is a registered trademark of Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.
CFOAM® products may be covered under the following patents with more patents pending:
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