Carbon Foam Prefabricated Wall Applications

CFOAM Carbon Foam is an excellent material choice for acoustic absorbing applications in the shipbuilding, aerospace, and automotive industries.

CFOAM® carbon foam multi-functional core composite panel.

Designs for CFOAM® carbon foam safe room wall panels.CFOAM® carbon foam can be supplied as a core to make composite panels. It can be supplied in almost any thickness from 1/8th inch to 2 inches.

CFOAM carbon foam is a high temperature, multi-functional core providing structure, a fire block, EMI shielding, sound reduction, energy absorption and, in some cases, radar absorption.

Carbon Innovations is seeking companies interested in incorporating this technology into their products in the marine, aerospace, and construction markets.

We can provide foam to your specifications or provide complete laminates.

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CFOAM® is a registered trademark of Carbon Innovations, LLC.
CFOAM® products may be covered under the following patents with more patents pending:
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