Carbon Foam Finishing Alternatives



Conventional machining practices can be employed to produce intricate shapes and tight tolerances, using carbide tooling and appropriate dust handling systems.
Carbon Innovation’s technical staff has significant experience in the cutting and machining of Carbon Foam articles and is available to answer any questions or provide tooling/feed suggestions. These requests can be submitted through our Contact page.


Joining & Facing

Carbon Innovations’ Carbon Foam articles can be attached to one another by readily available adhesives. This allows fabrication of large or complex tooling structures from smaller building blocks.
The intended product use may require adhesives optimized for high and low use temperatures, low thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and other important properties. Touchstone engineers will work with you to select the appropriate adhesive and coating material for your application.

Other finishing options include almost any composite lamination, such as fiberglass/polyester, carbon-fiber/epoxy, Kevlar® /epoxy, etc., impregnation with phenolic resin, lamination with fiberglass, reinforced vinyl ester facesheets, and deposition of inconel and aluminum coatings. Other finishing and attachment operations are possible and will be pursued as applications or interest warrant.

CFOAM® is a registered trademark of Carbon Innovations, LLC.
CFOAM® products may be covered under the following patents with more patents pending:
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