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CFOAM® Carbon Foam Abrasives

CFOAM® Carbon Foam cellular structure makes it a great candidate for a wide spectrum of abrasive applications.

CFOAM Carbon Foam is made from an inorganic form of carbon that has a very high hardness. In addition, its cellular structure makes it a great candidate for a wide spectrum of abrasive applications from a cosmetic exfoliation to the polishing of glass, metals, and the removal of paints.

CFOAM Carbon Foam is a rigid foam which can be machined to simple or complex shapes. In addition, its open pore structure allows a liquid to be passed through the foam flushing away abraded particles and cooling the surface.
The inherent inertness of Carbon Foam allows for its use with a wide range of solvents even at high temperature.

Gas Grills

CFOAM carbon foam removes the black baked-on carbon along with rust, leaving the iron or steel racks clean and shiny.

Paint Removal

CFOAM carbon foam is an excellent material for the removal of paint and rust and can be used to clean all kinds of metal surfaces.

Cosmetic Applications

CFOAM carbon foam can be used as a cosmetic exfoliant to remove dry and excess skin. CFOAM carbon foam can also be used as an abrasive for the filing and shaping of the nails during a manicure or pedicure.

Microstructure of CFOAM Carbon Foam

CFOAM carbon foam resembles a pumice stone – only black instead of white. It has an advantage over pumice in that its cell size and morphology can be tailored to optimize the product for a particular application.

CFOAM® is a registered trademark of CFOAM LLC.